Data Recovery

In an ideal world you have already taken steps to ensure that business data is backed up and you have various measures to retrieve that data in datalossan instant.

However accidents do happen and that’s where Harrison I.T. Services can help.

Data loss may occur; due to use over time, external damage to the computer, virus attack, corrupt operating system or many other reasons.

We can often recover data from your hard drive even including if it has been formatted.

Linux is becoming more popular operating system, especially in Network Attached Storage ( NAS ) devices. If you have a drive that runs Linux and has lost data then give us a call as we can recover data from Linux based harddrives too.

If you think you have lost data or have a damaged hardrive, stop what you are doing immediately and switch off the computer. No matter how tempting it is to try and fix it yourself or keeping going. If you try to keep working with a faulty drive you will only make matters worse.

We can also offer a data recovery services for home users. Just think how many photographs you have stored digitally.

Precious memories that cannot be replaced.