Business Of Britain – Demand Your Domain

Here we are, it’s mid 2019 and were still seeing this.

What’s that then ?

Not owning your own domain name.

April this year and we’ve picked up two clients with virtually identical stories.

In both cases they’d had websites built by designers / consultants, everything was fine for a few years, then for whatever reason the developer disappears.  Both clients asked us to help with their WordPress website and after a bit of digging around it turns out neither clients own their own domain names.

They were both under the illusion everything was fine, in fact, it wasn’t.

Now the fun and games begin. Depending on how helpful the hosting company is will determine how easily you can claim your name back.  Sadly, this a very common thing, most hosting providers should have some kind of process in place.

There’s always the chance you can’t.

If one good thing comes from reading this blog; Go and check your domain. Today!

  • You’ll have peace of mind everything is ok.
  • You might find a problem. Better to find it now and rectify it rather than find out the hard way.

Some of these tips might not make us the most popular with some developers / designers but this comes from seeing the aftermath of when it all goes wrong.

Top Tips:

Always buy your own domain name. If there’s any kind of barriers, walk away, end of. There’s a 1001 web developers out there.

If a developer currently owns your name get it transferred into your name, don’t rely on their word, get it in writing and insist.  If you don’t, it will come back and bite you at some point.

Buy your own hosting. This one will get us struck off a few Christmas card lists.

Put all your eggs in one basket: This one might seem counter intuitive and we’re bound to get differing opinions but we can only speak from experience.  What we’re saying is buy your hosting for website, email and domain and put it all under one roof ( hosting provider ).

The other option is to have your domain name, website and email in different location and point them to each other.

Both options have pros and cons.

If you have everything with one company and they vanish it can be a nightmare ( but you have everything backed up so should be up and running in no time. You do have backups, don’t you ?)

If you go with the ‘point’ option and there’s a problem everyone sits and blames everyone else. You are stuck, piggy in the middle.

Been there, done that, lost days.

Who do I host with ?

This question is a bit more difficult to answer, like anywhere in life there’s good and bad. Even with 20+ years it can still feel a bit like the Wild West at times, if you find a good host, especially with good support, hang on to them with dear life.  Cost should be down the list, support is everything.

If you need help looking for hosting or problems with your current solution contact us today. We don’t sell hosting solutions but we will help you on the right road to complete hosting and peace of mind.