Guest Wi-Fi - Giving Your Customers More 1
Guest Wi-Fi - Giving Your Customers More 2
Guest Wi-Fi - Giving Your Customers More 3

Install WiFi in Your Premises

In a very short time free Wifi is everywhere. Your customers have come to expect a venue to offer free Wifi as standard.

Our solution fits your business perfectly.

We can provide you the right tools to give your customers what they want.

Connect Directly With Your Customers

Take the guesswork out of your marketing

Send the right message to the right customers at the right time

Realtime information on your customers means you can engage with them and increase returning business

Detailed Reports on Your Visitors

Our WiFi solution gives you detailed reports on your visitors

By knowing your customers you make your business more effective .

Once you know you customers you can tailor what you offer.

Giving Your Customers Free Guest Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is great, it’s just about everywhere. Go to any busy high street or shopping centre, major restaurant chain plus many other locations and you can find free Wi-Fi.

The vast majority of the big high street brands such as: McDonalds, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, ASDA, Metro Centre, Marks & Spencer’s and many more are offering free Wi-Fi in their premises. They’ve all realised the benefits in providing Wi-Fi free to their customers.

They know that giving their customers free Wi-Fi increases footfall and time spent in their premises. Time spent equals greater spending by customers.

Is your business in that list?

Where customers have access to free Wi-Fi they are far more likely to stay and make use of that organisation’s facilities.

Many smaller organisations have also realised that it’s great for their customers too. However, they often simply install a basic a domestic Wi-Fi router and leave it wide open with no security.

By doing this, they’re leaving themselves open to potential legal problems, damage to their reputation and missed opportunities to promote offers to their customers.

Low Cost – High Value

Prices start from only

  • * Subject to Site Survey 
  • *Excludes additional hardware & installation
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For those who are considering using our Wi-Fi software, we’ve put together a handy little guide to show you how you can make the most of your customer experience.

Using H.I.T.S & Purple Wi-Fi

Yes. Our services provide content filtering to stop users viewing or downloading the wrong type of material on your premises.

It also keeps you compliant with:

  • Data Retention
  • Data Protection
  • Copyright

Customer information is vital any business, from the biggest of the big to those who aren’t quite there yet but who want to get there.

PurpleWiFi software can tell you:

The number of visitors on each day

How long they stayed

What time of day

What age range

Are they talking about you on Social Media?

Once you know this, you can build up a picture of your customers. Tailor offers & promotions to meet their needs.

Simply put, yes. Using simple software you can target your clients with special offers and coupons. Target them via Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin.

A great idea for food & drink related business. Start sending messages with pictures of your food and any offers about 10:30 am. You should have a queue about 11:55 am

The last thing you want to be doing is stuck behind a computer when you should be busy with your clients. You can schedule all of your messages to go out during the day at set times of day.

Spend a few moments first thing in the morning creating your messages, set the times you want them to go out.

Customers spending time in your business has to be good? Right? What if they’re there all day and stopping other clients from using your facilities?

Set limits and control times.

The PurpleWiFi software creates a completely separate network so your clients can’t see your computer equipment. Keeping your business protected.

Yes. You will need to purchase a seperate router, this will piggyback onto your current broadband router.  It’s this second router that creats a second network and keeping your business computers safe.

In most cases the new router would be low cost.

In the event that you do require new or additional equipment, we can provide you a comprehensive site survey, free of charge, advise which system is right for you and even fully install and test it.

Using Purple WiFi and Harrison I.T. Services means you have a professional team looking after you.

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