We offer a wide range of services when it comes to laptop repair. In the vast majority of cases your laptop can be returned to full working health.

Some of the most common faults on laptops we can repair include:


  • Power sockets
  • Replacing damaged or cracked screens – A very common fault damaged laptop screen. These days it’s relatively cheap and quick to replace with a new screen.
  • Replacing or upgrading your laptops hardrive
  • Upgrading your laptop RAM
  • Replacement power supplies & batteries

We cover a wide range of laptop manufacturers including:

  • Dell
  • Acer
  • Samsung
  • HP
  • Compaq
  • Sony


Not all problems with notebook and laptops are caused by physical damage, overheating is another big problem.

A common complaint, many laptops are used in bed on knees or where there is poor ventilation. An overheating laptop / notebook can cause solder joints to weaken and break. In many cases it is possible to repair these joints and have your laptop back in full working order.

One of biggest killers of many portable devices is: liquid spills.  If you spill any liquid over your laptop, switch it off immediately.  The worst offender is any kind of fizzy drink.  It’s the sugar and syrup in the drink.

Don’t be tempted to switch it back even a couple of hours later.  Call us straight away for free advice.

Our advice is to avoid having any drinks too close to your precious equipment, it’s not just the computer, there is a strong possibility you could lose your data if the harddrive is damaged.

If your laptop is faulty, then contact us today for a free no obligation chat.