Project Description

Guest Wi-Fi

Blyth United Services Club came to us a while ago looking to how they could offer their members a Guest Wi-Fi system.

For a while members of the club had been wanting a free Wi-Fi solution and until we installed a new system the only option was to try and use other open Wi-Fi in the area, limited results at best.

Conscious of cost, the  club took our entry level solution. All they required was a basic solution that requires individual users to register and provide a content filtering solution.

We do offer version of our Guest Wi-Fi that allow your business to link with all of the major social media platform, including Twitter and Facebook.

They now have  secure login solution that also provides quality content filtering which prevents users viewing inappropriate material.

Blyth United Services Club 2

To complete the solution we also installed a Ubiquiti Networks wireless access point to complete full coverage of the ground floor.

Don’t leave your Wi-fi systems to chance, call us today for the complete solution.

Getting Guest Wi-Fi Right is important

  • Handing out a password does not make you secure
  • Users are connect to the same network as your computers
  • No content filtering
  • You’re missing the opportunity to capture user data
  • Possible legal expenses in the event of users looking at inappropriate / illegal material

Getting Guest Wi-Fi Right is important

  • Individual user registration. Traceability, keeping your business secure
  • Totally separate network. Can’t see your computers/li_item]
  • Keeping naughty things out of your business
  • Capture users emails and keep them up to date on your special offers
  • A proper solution, ideal for families and all types of users