Project Description

Data Network Fit For Purpose

We’ve been working with the charity Meadowell Connected for a number of years now and it’s been very much an ongoing project.

When we first met Meadowell there was already a network in place but it was case of ‘too many cooks….’ Their computer system comprised of 30 plus computers open to the public, 8 plus computers for office staff. All the computers were running through one router on an ADSL connection.

Coupled to an ancient pc acting as a file share ( server ), clearly the computer systems were not fit for purpose and posed a significant risk of date loss / data breach.

Building A Business Network

Over the years the I.T. systems had been looked at by various ‘enthusiastic amateurs’ who had all tried to make improvements here and there, however the system had reached the point of being a major issues within in the organisation and need a full rebuild from the ground up.

The first thing we did was to split the one network into two with fibre connections. Doing this saw immediate improvements in performance, most importantly it improved security.  By ‘air walling’ the two networks there was no risk of any of the public PC’s being able to access important / secure data on the p[private office network.

The second major upgrade to the network was the introduction of a Synology NAS to act as and advanced data share.

The private ‘office network’ consisted of 8 users and the Synology NAS filled all of their criteria.

  • File Sharing
  • Remote Working
  • Access Control
  • Security & Encryption
  • Secure Offsite backup
  • Within Budget

The device offers many other features such as shared calendar, connection to One Drive, Googledrive & Dropbox.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Harrison I.T. Services have worked with a number of charitable services over the years and the one constant with all of them is; demands exceeding budgets.

From the outset we realised that there was far more work involved than their resources would allow. With that in mind we are happy to provide ongoing additional support above and behind normal quoted services at no charge to the charity.

Key Points

  • Separate out network. Designated Public & Private

  • Installation of Synology NAS acting as a ‘mini server’

  • Add additional Data Network Points

  • Gigabit Network Switches

  • New Wi-Fi Network. Allow the organisation to offer rooms for hire.

  • Data Points planned & placed for future expansion

Meadowell Connected are based in the heart of North Shields and are very much focused on the local community.

They offer a wide range of services, basic computer skills training, Jobseekers, after school clubs an much more.

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