Project Description

Networking Services

A long standing customer, Memorabilia Giant, came to us looking for a ‘server’ solution for their business. The main issues they were facing were:

a) they have 1000’s of images from events, products in store, signings along with lots of other documents.

b) images and documents are scattered across several devices including laptops & phones.

c) staff members are often away from the store when they require images or documents.

In this example, purchasing a Microsoft Server Solution would have been prohibitively expensive and quite possibly overkill for their requirements. Using a pc as a ‘server’ wouldn’t have been appropriate either. It’s a far too basic solution that offers very little in the way of options for the modern business, especially the need to access data remotely.

In the end we installed a Synology 2 bay synologyNAS ( Networked Attached Storage ).

We used a 2 disk version to create data redundancy, along with using an Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS ) and offsite data back-up.

Within a very short period of time the Synology has already started to pay dividends.  The biggest saving: time

Staff can now work remotely, so they’re not tied to one location.

All of the team at Memorabilia Giant have made positive comments on how easy it is to store files in a central location particula images of their products. Having the server in place has changed the way they work, using the technology to work smarter.

Memorabilia Giant Ltd

Memorabilia Giant are one of the UK’s leading dealers in sporting memorabilia. Specialists in motor racing they have a wide range of unique signed pictures, prints and even genuine motor racing car parts.

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Synology is a brand we’re used for a number of years and installed for quite a few different clients.

We’ve found Synology NAS to be very reliable, cost effective with a large amount features that can meet the needs of many small organisations. Highly scalable, they range from basic single drive units to full server rack units.

Synology are a quality product range that constantly receive glowing reviews of their products.

We’ve used Harrison I.T. Services for a few years now and have always had excellent advice and service. Synolgy was something we’d not of before but we’re glad we bought it based on John’s advice. It’s already saved us a load of time and it’s much easier to find documents.
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