Project Description

Providing Robson Opticians with new IT systems for the best possible eye care.

Harrison IT Services have helped us with a number of problems.  John has always had an answer for any questions and been available to talk to any time I needed him, even out of normal office hours.

Robson Opticians 2Andrew Brent, Robson Optician

Complete End to End Solutions

Having been in the I.T industry for over 23 years we’ve built up quite a diverse skill set but it’s not often we get the chance to provide a number these skills with one client.

Overhauling Computer Systems

Robsons Opticians initially called us in to upgrade and provide additional data networking points, but we quickly realised there were other significant issues to quickly remedy.

This was a classic case of legacy IT systems from the previous business owners.  It meant the practice had not moved along with new technology and that resulted in a number of issues coming to a head.

Robson’s Opticians use specialist software for testing and recording patients’ eye exams and its current IT system was simply not compatible with the latest version of the software.

We worked closely with Robson’s new owners and the software supplier to ensure we had the right computer hardware and that every other part of their IT infrastructure was brought up to the requisite standard.

The company’s legacy phone system was another major issue which together we were able to resolve.

The original analogue phone system had been in place for a number of years.  It had limited features and, more significantly, was costly to run.

Harrison IT Services was able to supply a brand new digital VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) business broadband telephone system.  With immediate cost savings, a raft of useful new features, greater coverage throughout the building, Robson’s feedback has been  extremely positive.

How We Helped

  • Help the client source new computer hardware that will be fully compatible with specialist optician software.

  • Upgrade their current network infrastructure & add additional network points

  • Replace legacy phone system with new VOIP Phone system with significant savings

  • New Wi-Fi Network.

  • Refresh WordPress website. Make it compatible to current standards

  • WordPress Training.  Giving Robson’s the ability to maintain their own website.

Robson’s Opticians have been in the heart of Newcastle since 1867.  With new owners taking over in early 2019, they have invested in new systems to provide the best possible services in eye care.

The previous website hadn’t been updated in about 3 years and was way behind with current standards and updates.

Being built in WordPress we were able to upgrade the security ( including an SSL Certificate ), make the site responsive to any modern device and generally give the site a complete visual refresh.

Below is a before and after of Robson Optician website.

Simply move you mouse over to reveal.

Robson Opticians 3Robson Opticians 4

We’ve really enjoyed working with Harrison I.T. Services, as new owners the business myself and my colleague have taken on a huge amount of new responsibility. We quickly realised the I.T. was no longer good enough.  John has been able to help me with a number of problems I’ve encountered, always had an answer for any questions and been available to talk to any time I needed him, even out of normal office hours.

I’d highly recommend you talk to Harrison I.T. Services.

Robson Opticians 2Andrew Brent, Robson Optician