A note from Harrison I.T Services. Please forgive the legal speak and terminology below. We live in a world of lawyers and this means that you need to read and sign the following legal notice before we carry out any work in relation to your PC/ computer systems.

I promise that your satisfaction is important to me, your business is valued and I will always do whatever is in my power to meet your needs. That being said… please read the following document carefully!


The following terms are used in this document:

Harrison IT Services, meaning the owner, representative(s) and/or employee(s) of Harrison IT Services

Client, meaning the customer(s) dealing with Harrison IT Services.

Service, meaning the service(s) supplied by Harrison IT Services to the Client.

Payment, Terms, and Release of Liability.

Client agrees to the following terms for service rendered by Harrison IT.

Payment Terms: 7 Days from date of invoice

Client agrees to pay a predetermined fee for Harrison IT Services to perform service(s) for the Client. This fee will only be waived if the service provided by Harrison IT Services does not rectify the Client’s issue. Harrison IT Services reserves the right to refuse or terminate service at any time without notice. Residential or Commercial Client agrees to Harrison IT Services for all charges upon completion of service.

Release of Liability:


1. Client acknowledges that due to the nature of the service being performed, there is potential risk of damage or loss including, but not limited to, damage to Client’s home office, computer hardware, cabling, hubs, routers, switches, peripherals, accessories, and furniture, as well as potential risk of damage, corruption, or loss of computer software, applications, data, and data storage media.

2. Client agrees to release and hold harmless Harrison IT Services from all liability for damage or loss as well as any incidental or consequential material or financial damage or loss that may result from the actions of Harrison IT Services, its agents or service representatives.

3. Client grants Harrison IT Services, its agents and service representative’s access and permission to physically disassemble any and all computer systems, components, networks, cabling, hubs, routers, switches, peripherals, and accessories.

4. Client grants Harrison IT Services, its agents and service representatives access security rights, and permission to open, view, and modify, edit, delete, or otherwise manipulate Clients computer software, applications, data, and data storage media including, but not limited to the computer Operating System, word processing, spread sheets, databases, workflow, graphics, audio, video, system drivers and libraries, and any other type of software or data that may be contained on Clients computer system or network.

5. Client grants Harrison IT Services, its agents and service representative, permission to physically access Clients home or office property where Clients computer system and/or network reside.

6. Client grants Harrison IT Services, its agents and service representative, permission to perform modification to Clients home or office property for the purpose of installing or troubleshooting computer and/or networking hardware, cabling, hubs, routers, switches or peripherals. Modification may include such practices as drilling through or disassembling furniture, walls, floors, carpet, or trim, laying and removing cabling and devices including affixing cabling and devices to furniture, walls, floors, or trim, using nails, screws, staples, hangers, or plastic ties.

7. Client grants Harrison IT Services, its agents and service representative, permission to download and/or install software on Clients computer and/or network, including but not limited to, virus scanners, diagnosis and repair utilities, drivers, libraries, and software requested to be installed by Client.

8. Client grants Harrison IT Services, its agents and service representative, permission to install hardware in Clients computer and/or network, including but not limited to, memory chips, processor chips, cooling fans, batteries, hard drives, tape drives, storage devices, modem and communication devices, audio and video cards, network interface cards, hubs, routers, switches, printers, scanners, cables, and other hardware requested to be installed by the Client.

Harrison I.T. Services strongly advises that Client safeguard critical data by backing up said data prior to any services performed by Harrison I.T. Client is responsible for any backup, archiving, or protective storage as well as restoration if required, of Clients data.

Harrison IT Services has a No Refund Policy, once sales or services are completed and paid the sale is final. Harrison IT Services is a provider of billable on site and remote services.

The performance of services by Harrison IT Services does not imply availability of telephone, remote or on-site technical support. This document constitutes the entire agreement between Client and Harrison IT. No other agreement whether verbal or written shall be in effect except if agreed to and authorized in writing.

By reading this document and/or entering into service(s) or sale(s) with Harrison IT Services, Client indicates that he/she has read and understands, and agrees to the terms of this Payment Terms and Release of Liability form, which is kept on file at the offices of Harrison IT Services.


A note from Harrison I.T Services. Please forgive the legal speak and terminology below. We live in a world of lawyers and this means that you need to read and sign the following legal notice before I carry out any work in relation to your PC.

I promise that your satisfaction is important to me, your business is valued and I will always do whatever is in my power to meet your needs. That being said… please read the following document carefully!

Terms and Conditions

This document is intended to give clear information on your rights, as well as our Terms & Conditions of business. We have tried to make them clear and to describe them in simple terms using plain English. If you have any queries on these terms or do not understand them, please contact us for a full explanation.

The sections of this document are:

Warranty / Guarantee

Working Hours

Standards of Service

Our Terms

Complaints Policy

Address for Service of Legal Documents

Signature area


Warranty / Guarantee

We provide various I.T / Computer related services directly. Any goods or non-training services we supply are through trusted third parties and as such are covered by the terms and conditions of supply by such party. However, we will endeavour to assist you with any claim should such situation arise.


Working Hours

As a growing operation it is not possible for us to ensure that real people always man our telephones and computers. Whenever it is possible a real person will answer you when you contact us, whether by telephone or email. In the event you get our voicemail, please leave a clear message with a name and contact telephone number and we will get back to you as soon as the message is picked up, messages being checked on a daily basis. On Saturdays and Sundays we are not officially available but in fact there are normally staff available at various times during the day and evening.

Standards of Service (telephone and other electronic contact)

We expect to give each customer as much time as they reasonably need to ensure that they obtainfull information regarding the services/ products/ repair solutions Harrison I.T Services has provided. We expect to reply to an email message or any other form or recognised communication within a timely manner, the timescale varying in accordance with the urgency of the contact, notwithstanding holidays or sickness.

Our Terms

The following terms apply to the provision of our Products and Services:

Any information on our web site is intended for guidance only. The web site and the products and

services described in it are subject to change without notice. We will not be liable for damage to, or viruses that may affect, your computer equipment, software, data or other property as a result of your access to, use of or browsing of our Website or your downloading of any materials, data, text or images. We do not guarantee that our web site will be compatible with all hardware and software that may be used by visitors to the site. The copyright in the design and content of the site is and remains the property of Harrison I.T Services.

All rights are reserved.

Some images or information may have been provided by third parties, and may be subject to their copyright. In each case the individual images or pieces of information are used with permission and the copyright of the owner is acknowledged.

Payment for products must be made in accordance with the following terms;


All prices will be subject to VAT* charged at the rate applicable on the date of the invoice.

* We are not currently registered for VAT. Should we subsequently register before you go ahead you will be charged according to our status at the time of the original proposal.


The client must provide a reasonable amount of Tea and biscuits while our staff are at the client’s premises. Approved biscuits include: Chocolate Hobnobs, Jammy Dodgers, Bourbons. No shortbread.


Payment terms: 7 Days from date of invoice.


All fees are due

[payment timescale] following acceptance in writing via email or letter of both our recommendations and these terms and conditions.

Late payment is subject to interest at 4% over bank rates, and we make an administration charge for each occasion on which it becomes necessary to review an overdue account. If it should be necessary to appoint a third party Debt Collection Agency or to initiate Court Action to recovermonies due all costs involved must be met by the client.

We may suspend or terminate any site operations or other agreed work our discretion should it become in breach of our terms and conditions or in breach of English Law at which time our standard cancellation terms will apply.



Confirmation of dates for delivery of services must be confirmed to [Harrison I.T Services], in writing via email or post by the client.

Once confirmed by the client the following cancellation/postponement terms apply:

More than 15 clear working days notice: No charge

More than 10 clear working days notice: 25% of fee

Less than or equal to 10 clear working days notice: 100% of fee

Confirmation of cancellation/postponement of any delivery must be made in writing by the client via

email or post.

N.B. – We will of course negotiate on the above cancellation terms in the event of special or

unforeseen circumstances and wherever possible will endeavour only to charge where such charge

cannot be avoided such as third party fees for room hire where training is off-site for example or

other expenses already incurred relating to the training that has been cancelled. The cancellation

terms are there to ensure clarity for both ourselves and the clients concerned.

Our terms take precedence over any conflicting terms of individuals or organisations purchasing our

Products and Services.

No contract exists between us for the provision of services until we have received and accepted your acceptance of our proposal, quotation and terms and conditions. By way of clarification, an acknowledgement of your acceptance will be sent to you via

e-mail when you confirm you wish the contract to go ahead. It is at this point that a binding legal contract is created and any contract is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

We may change these terms of sale without notice to you in relation to future sales. However, ourcurrent terms will always be available on request.

We treat all client data in this strictest of confidence and will not be discussed with any third party.

All prices quoted by us will be presented in writing via email or post to avoid possible disputes. In this respect we also require all delivery dates requested or agreed by you to be confirmed in writing or via e-mail.

Our basic standard charges are currently as outlined in the proposal and quotation documentation however as delivery and requirement varies from company to company please note that you will always receive a formal sales order for any work that we have proposed prior to proceeding with any delivery.

All invoices where not pre-paid must be paid within 7 days from date of invoice or in timescale agreed with the client, for example where fixed payment terms exist in the Public Sector. We reserve the right to refuse further site operations if accounts are withheld for any reason beyond the agreed payment time without reasonable explanation.

We cannot be held liable for loss of data during any of our operations on your site or with your equipment. We will promote data backup processes at all times, but it is the express responsibility of the client to ensure that regular backups are taken on any equipment belonging to the client or supplied by the client.

Complaints Policy

We try very hard to ensure that you will have no cause for complaint about the products and services supplied by [Harrison IT Services ]. However, we are only human and it is possible that at some time a mistake may be made. In the unlikely event of this happening it is our stated intention to address

the problem directly, and to learn from any problem that may arise in order to reduce the chances of any future difficulty from a similar cause. We therefore undertake to:

  • Deal with any problem that may arise quickly, efficiently and sympathetically.
  • Always treat our customers with respect and courtesy.
  • Put right as a matter of course anything that we may do wrong – our customers should expect that rather then hope for it!
  • Give all our staff the authority to deal with simple complaints on the spot without needing to refer to senior management.
  • Always allow customers to access the highest level of staff if they are dissatisfied with a decision of a less senior staff member.
  • Learn from any complaint we may receive so that any avoidable problem is not repeated.

If you ever have cause for complaint you can contact us via Telephone, Email, Post or indeed any other contact method in order to get the problem addressed. You can use any of the contact details published on our website, but may care to call[07905 118509] or email [sales@harrison-it.com] in the first instance.

If you are reading this section because you have a complaint you wish to raise, please accept both

our apologies and our assurance that it will be dealt with as soon as you notify us.

Address for Service

[Harrison I.T Services] is a trading style of [John Harrison].