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You know how it is, you want to meet a client for a brief meeting  but you work from home or your offices have been condemned by environmental health and you’re one step away from appearing on some Channel 4 documentary about being the horder next door.

So you’ll agree to meet your client (s) for a nice tea and coffee somewhere but you know you’re going to need some where that has WiFi.  In fact WiFi is mandatory. It’s an occurrence that has cropped up here at H.I.T.S Towers on more than one occasion.

This got us thinking, there are lots of sources that list WiFi locations but we wanted to add a bit of a twist.

Our WiFi hotspot map is  here for small businesses who want to get together and do some work in a nice environment for the price of a cup of tea and a spot of lunch.

We’re going to do our best to start this page and keep it going but we need your help! If you know of a good location then please let us know. We know it’s down to personal tastes but if you can make suggestions based as close as possible to our criteria.

Ok H.I.T.S; What are you looking for?

  • Location: This is probably the hardest point to call. Do you want a city centre location? Lots of choice but can be tricky getting in out depending on traffic or somewhere out of the way that’s easy to get to?
  • Fast Food Places: Any of the big high street fast food places usually off free Wi-Fi but we’re not going to include them, they’re not really suited for a business meeting. Handy if you want to grab a bite and pick up your e-mails.
  • Quality of the food & drinks: No point in having a meeting with a cup of water that’s been threatened with a tea bag or coffee in a polystyrene cup.
  • Staff friendliness: If you’re made to feel welcome, then you’re in a good mood and your meeting will be the best.
  • Cost: It’s got to be free or very low cost.
  • Notible mentions: You might not want to having a meeting but if you’re out and about it’s handy to log onto their free Wi-Fi and pick up your emails.
  • Somewhere different: We like different here at Harrison I.T. Services. We’re the first to recognise that smart business centres are ideal for the professional business person about town but sometimes they can leave us cold. Some of the best meetings we’re ever had have been in quirky locations that have a bit of atmosphere.

You might not agree with us but if think a place is worth mentioning, then please let us know.

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If you’re a venue who wants to offer free Wi-Fi to your clients but aren’t doing it yet, then we have the perfect solution for free Wi-Fi. Don’t miss out, give your customers what they’re asking for and deliver more revenue to your business.  Contact us today for more information.

Don’t forget. You can zoom in & out of the map to see all of the locations