WordPress Training

WordPress has become one the leading web site building tools (Content Management System). According to a recent Netcraft Survey there are nearly 75 million WordPress Blogs (Nov. 2019) and full WordPress sites, although that number is probably on the conservative side because there are many WordPress sites not counted.

If you have a website built in WordPress, are you making the most of it ?

Sadly we come across many WordPress Websites that look great to begin with but are left alone, never to be updated and slowly slide down the Google rankings.

Harrison I.T. Services offer comprehensive WordPress Training.

In our personalised one to one tuition you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of the WordPress system
  • How to add Pages & Posts and what’s the difference
  • Choosing the right Theme ( template design ) for your site

This WordPress training is ideal for:

WordPress Beginners: If you’ve heard of WordPress but have no idea where to start then you’ve come to the right place. We can take your from absolute beginner to building and maintaining your own site in a relatively short space of time.

Business Owners: If you’ve already had a website built using WordPress but want to take control and not wait for other people to update your site then we can help you move forward.

Web designers and web development agencies: If you’re a web design agency why not stick to what you love doing best, designing websites. Let us support your clients with bespoke one to one training. You don’t have to worry about lots of calls and support questions and we help your client make the most of your hard work

*We cover all of Tyne & Wear ( Newcastle, Sunderland, Gateshead, North Shields & South Shields), County Durham & Northumberland.

* We’re more thany happy to go further afield to help you make more of WordPress. Note: Depending on distance,  there may be a surcharge to cover costs.