We all know eating too much is bad for you, obesity is a big problem.  The same applies to your email account too.

Email is certainly up there as one of the best inventions ever, but it’s also become something of a curse as well.

Just recently we’ve see a spate of massive email accounts, and by massive, we mean huge, colossal,woman-typing-writing-windows gigantic, you get the idea. One recent client had in excess of 38,000 emails ( this includes inbox and sent items ). Yes, you read that right.

They client had emails going back years, a huge amount of it was junk. Junk email is the bane of all our lives, especially in business.

The main issue with having that many emails is that equates to a mail file approximately 19GB in size. For a mail file, that’s epic. To put it into context, that roughly 3 and a bit Blu-ray films.  It also had a big impact on how well MS Outlook responds. In this case it was taking ages to respond or kept crashing.

Microsoft Outlook is by far the main mail client out there in business land and the recommended file size is no bigger than 2GB. Frankly, we were amazed it was still functioning.  If an email file of 10GB plus was to become corrupted it would take a long time, if at all, to be recovered.

Imagine loosing that number of emails.

With cloud solutions becoming more and more ubiquitous and people wanting emails synced to all devices trying to manage an email account with thousands of emails becomes almost impossible.

Just going back to the client with the massive emails, once we’d cleaned a significant amount of junk out of his email box he was surprised at much faster his MS Outlook was responding.

So, now that we’ve giving you some horror stories, how can we make things a bit better.

Be ruthless: Do you really need that email? How much junk do you want to keep? Yes, that article from Linked in or an eshot looks interesting but will you ever really get round to reading it?

There are loads of emails we’d love to sit and read but we just don’t have the time and deep down we know we’ll never get to them, so out they go.

Attachments: Emailing your colleague who’s only three feet away with an attached document is a great way to choke your mail box. We’ve seen examples of colleagues forwarding videos ( work related ) back and forth and then wondering why MS Outlook stops working and goes off and sulks.

Do you have a network in your business? Can you store the files centrally where the right people can get to it? Even passing ( or throwing, depending on office politics ) flies on a USB stick is a better option.

The Librarian: Many email clients allow you to archive off old emails you want to keep but don’t need access to on a regular basis. Use it.

You’re not Indiana Jones: You don’t have a leather jacket, a Fedora hat and bull whip, well not at work anyway. So why the need to keep emails going back years? Do you really need emails from over 5 years ago? We’ve seen this.

Hopefully we’ve given you fresh prod to go and give your mail box a quick trip to the gym and loose a few pounds.

We’ve seen the alternative, one of the worst parts of our job is telling a client all of his/her data is gone.

If you need help to get your email or any of your I.T. systems slim, trim and fighting fit then call us today.

P.S. Out of curiosity, what’s the biggest email account you’ve ever seen? We’d love to hear your horror stories.